Choosing the Right Pedicure From Your Local Beauty Salon

Slipping into a pair of sandals with unkempt feat is a daunting prospect for anyone who's image conscious. If you feel as though a pedicure is the only way to do your favourite shoes justice, it's time to head to a beauty salon. Before you do, you may want to choose your pedicure carefully. Each option comes with its own beauty benefits, giving you the chance to look and feel your best.

A regular pedicure

As the most cost-friendly treatment for your toes, a regular pedicure is exceedingly popular. Your beauty therapist will wash, soak and file your feet, removing all of the rough edges that come with wearing everyday shoes. You'll usually have the option of either a colour or French tips, allowing you to adapt your style according to your shoes. With the right care, a regular pedicure can last between 10 and 14 days. You can reduce chips by avoiding swimming pools and baths, as well as topping up the tips with a clear polish every five days.

Gel pedicures

If you attend a beauty salon regularly and you want a luxury finish that lasts longer, consider a gel pedicure. Your beauty therapist will combine a gel polish of your choice with UV lamp treatments to produce results that last up to four weeks. You'll receive all the pre-polish treatments of a regular package too, giving your skin a soft feel. Gel pedicures are ideal if you're going on holiday or you plan to spend the summer wearing flip flops.

Paraffin finishes

Paraffin isn't just a substance you'll see in candles. Some beauty salons use it to perfect pedicures. In the hands of the right therapist, it produces excellent results. Depending on the salon you use, they may offer paraffin as part of a luxury package or as an extra touch you can pay for. Using it involves submerging your feet in carefully-heated wax, before allowing the therapist to remove it and reveal the soft skin beneath. If you're the type of person who runs regularly and suffers from calluses, you may find paraffin creates the illusion of soft feet, without compromising your ability to run without developing blisters.

As the wonderful world of foot treatments advances, you may find that you can opt for niche approaches. For example, hot stones will soothe muscular aches and induce a sense of relaxation. If you're in a rush, try a mini pedicure that focuses on quick polishes with gorgeous results. No matter which option you try, don't worry about asking the salon's staff for guidance.